ASUS ROG STRIX GL503 VS-DH74 – Battery Life, First Thoughts, and Informal Review

(Obviously,this is still getting fleshed out. It’s my Blog, deal.)

I recently decided to make a jump and went with a fairly high-end laptop from Asus. I’m a big fan of Asus stuff in general, they have put out some great tech gear, and this is my 3rd laptop from them.  After looking around for a few months, I decided to go with the newly released ROG GL503VS-DH74, which seemed to sport some pretty high-end specs (i-7, GTX 1070) in a surprisingly svelte chassis, especially for a “gaming” laptop.

Product photo of the beast hiding in it’s sexy Cylon case:

I also decided make my second purchase with At the time of the laptop’s release – the GL503VSDH74 was hard to find online, and I figured any upgrade I wanted (upgraded to a 500G NVME)  would be easy and I’d have support I was used to already. XoticPC was pretty good in general with my previous ASUS N56 purchase, so figured I’d give them the business again (more later on this).


Skipping ahead to the general Pros and Cons (for me):

The Good:

  1. Nvidia 1070 GTX – Gorgeous graphics
  2. Screen – 144 Hz refresh and just amazing screen. At least as good as my BenQ gaming screen on a 15.6 format.
  3. Form factor- can’t say enough here, it’s really light for the graphics and power this little beast puts out. Only serious gaming laptops at this end I’ve seen really are Alienware sty;le chassis, and those feel like giant bricks.
  4. I actually like the track pad, I had all sorts of issues with my Asus N56. The Keyboard is OK.

The Bad: (again for me personally, and from the time of this writing)

  1. Even after a complete reinstall, I keep having issues with stated battery life. After completely updating the battery drivers, and resetting the Mobo (as per Xotic and ASUS support), I still get an hour gaming (video) and the system takes a SERIOUS performance hit and gets super glitchy when running on the battery. Running a web browser and basic word processing, I get about an hour as well, which seems really odd. While I wanted it for gaming, I can see needing to be plugged in mostly for the gaming. But, if I cant walk around and write some basic stuff and do work in a browser, this is a huge problem, especially with the $2k+ price tag (with the hard drive upgrade).
  2. Fan sound while gaming. Fans are seriously LOUD. It drowns the TV for others in a fairly big room.  I’ve been exiled to the kitchen during game play. Not even joking, it’s pretty bad.
  3. Support for a battery seems extremely subjective. (more on this)

First, the simple 3D Mark test- plugged and unplugged:

Simple enough. Latest 3D Mark test, plugged and plugged.

3d Mark Test (Plugged in)


3D Mark Test (Unplugged)



The (Informal)Testing-  my “real world” setup on Titanfall 2 Unplugged:

The “Rig”- My sweet, sweet get-up for this super-scientific test…

Headphones, Logitech Wired Gaming Mouse – plugged into the system. An externally powered phone/timer

Game: Titanfall 2 running @ 1080 x

Here’s a quick video of the Results:

End result is not great. First, the actual time played is just at about an hour. A few minutes in, I actually noticed all sorts of static coming in. The entire sound channel sounded extremely snowy, explosions and voices coming over the headphones just a confusing mess of garbled static. I assumed maybe there was something wrong with the headphone channel, after a while I unplugged it and sure enough the laptop speakers also end up sounding really bad. (Clip)